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Build a single-node Hadoop from sketch

  Dependent environment First need java support Download the 1.8 version of jdk After downloading, decompress, and declare JAVA_HOME in the environment variable After saving, use the source command to make the environment variable take effect Download the hadoop file In this post, we will be using version 2.10. Unzip to the directory you want to place in… Read More »

Implementing High-availability Architecture Using Docker and Rancher | Step-by-step Instructions

The current development situation in the technological world is to free developers from tedious application configuration and management, use container images to handle complex program operation-dependent library requirements, and ensure the consistency of the code operating environment. Since the benefits of this are so clear, why doesn’t the infrastructure environment in the enterprise switch to container clusters? The… Read More »

Pika Cluster Horizontal Scaling: Unlimited Performance

Background Pika is a persistent large-capacity redis storage service, compatible with most of the interfaces of string, hash, list, zset, and set (compatibility details), and solves the capacity bottleneck of redis that is insufficient due to the huge amount of stored data. Users can migrate from redis to pika service without modifying any code. It has good compatibility… Read More »

Implement reverse RPC calls in Go

Generally, RPC is based on the C/S structure. The RPC server corresponds to the network server, and the RPC client corresponds to the network client. However, for some unique scenarios, such as providing an RPC service on the company’s intranet, but unable to connect to the intranet’s server on the external network. At this time, we can refer… Read More »

What is access control in cloud computing?

Introduction Access control is to provide a set of methods to identify, organize, and host all functions in the system, organize, and identify all data, and then offer a unique and straightforward interface. One end of this interface is the application. At one end of the system is the permission engine. The permission engine only answers: Does anyone… Read More »